Friday, October 22, 2010

Finding Raven

We finally took the time to walk over to the open space across the way from our culsdesac- looking for a raven.  This open area includes vineyards, public walking trails and a dog park.  While we were walking by the vineyards we saw a raven doing barrel rolls and then dive head first into the vines.  WOW!  That was some display.  There was a lone raven sitting atop of very large tree croaking for all he was worth.  I love that sound and was so happy to hear the ravens in the vineyard.  Now the deal is- how do I get one of those bad boys to come over to my house?  So I went in search of an open top platform bird feeder that I could place in my yard.  I could then place an egg or two on the platform and hope that a raven will see it.  We do see ravens flying overhead sometimes.  They are flying at quite a height and seem intent on going somewhere.  I did find the perfect platform feeder but could not find a pole to attach it to in the whole town of Napa.  I may have to buy a broom and remove the handle for this purpose.  I am excited about this experiment.
Several of my friends have suggested that I drive up to Mt. Veeder and put eggs on the top of my car, wait for the ravens, and then drive down the hill, bringing the ravens with me.  Somehow I don't think this would work.  Would it?
One of the artists that live up on Mt. Veeder painted me a BEAUTIFUL Pennsylvania Dutch style hex sign with three ravens around an egg.  We mounted it on our porch and it looks lovely.  Every time I go in or out of the front door I see the painting.  Lovely!