Saturday, August 10, 2013

Return to Mt. Veeder

Recently I had an epithany of sorts.  My beloved cat Andy of 15 years died.  It made me realize how short life is and that I had better start doing the things I really want to do.  With this is mind something wonderful happened.  The owners of Lokoya Lodge called me.  Lokoya Lodge is very close to my former home on Mt. Veeder, especially as the raven flies.  I had told them if they have a rental come available to please call me and they DID!  I hurried up there and rented a cabin in the tall trees for 2 months.  These cabins were built in the 1920's as camping sites.  It is one room with a small kitchen and bathroom and a glorious view across the valley.  It looks at Madonna's former residence way in the distance.  Oh how lucky I was to get this piece of paradise for 2 months.  The second day we were up there a pair of ravens showed up and I welcomed them and called to them and had a chat.  I left 2 eggs and peanuts on the deck railing before we left for the day to go home.  The next day the peanuts and eggs were still there.  I was disappointed but could hear the raven pair in the trees.  The next time we went up there the peanuts and eggs were gone.  The neighbor told me that maybe the racoons got them.  I didn't think so- they make a mess and there was no mess.  About this time I looked up and there they were- Bold and Shy- sitting on a branch over my head.  I was so happy!  There they were!  We talked and I wanted to put out another egg.  I found a tree stump by the side door where I could place an egg.  Chuck and I were both inside the cabin for a minute and a raven came down and grabbed the egg and flew off!  Yeah- I hadn't seen that in a long time.  I went outside and raven returned to sit on a branch over my head.  Raven sat there for an hour as we talked raven/human talk and had a great time.  Raven eventually flew off only to return in a short while.  We were at the cabin for about 5 hours and the raven pair hung around here and there in the trees for the whole time.  Before I left I put out an egg and more peanuts.
I can't tell you how happy I am with this turn of events.  I guess the old axiom- one door closes, another opens, applies in my case.  I have been so sad and unhappy with the death of my dear kitty Andy.  He can never be replaced but reuniting with the raven pair has done much to lift my spirits.  Nature is a wonderful thing.  Take time to enjoy what is around you.