Thursday, August 6, 2015

Back to Mt. Veeder with Bold and Shy Ravens

I am happy to report that I am spending the month of August up on Mt. Veeder with Bold and Shy, my raven friends.  The cabin that I am staying in is very close to our former residence on Mt. Veeder  and thus the cabin is in Bold and Shy's territory.
My first day there I set up my table on the deck with my drawing materials, then I set out an egg and some peanuts in the shell onto the deck railing.   Within 15 minutes I heard a little soft raven sound coming from the tree over my head.  I looked up and there was a big beautiful raven.  He was letting me know-- HEY- I am here!!!  Let the feeding begin!!!
I checked out Raven for awhile, then decided to put the egg over by some logs.  Raven flew over to a tree branch and sat just above the egg.  Then he did the usual raven inspection, jump down, hop toward the egg,  jump back in case it attacked......finally got brave enough to grab it and fly off with it!  After awhile both ravens turned up and we did the egg at the log again.  Bold raven got that egg.  Then we spent the rest of the afternoon visiting.  When I left for the day I put out more peanuts and another egg on the deck railing. As I drove off the birds were already down on the railing to have a snack.  It is no wonder these birds know and remember me!!!  The EGG lady.
On a sad note, the beautiful view was obscured by all the smoke from the fires burning up in Lake County.  It is so dry and the fire danger is severe up on Mt. Veeder.  There has not been a forest fire up there since the 1940's and the dry wood burden on the ground is very significant. There has been a wood chipping program up there for the last 8 years to help alleviate the fire danger.  This encourages people to trim trees and brush and gather dead wood on their property.  The county then chips it for them.  This however does not help with all the dead wood up high on the mountain.  We are really hoping that there is no fire up there this fire season.  It would be very bad for the residents and the wildlife, bobcats, cougars, turkeys, raccoons, skunks, squirrels and ravens of course.