Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Raven Art and Monarch Butterflies

There were two additional high points of our trip to Shell Beach, other than our special visitors that came to see us.  Best friends, second cousins from Illinois and Lexy and Karen with granddaughter Malia all enjoyed the beach and the wonderful weather.
The two high points:  On a trip to Solvang, a Dutch village that I had not visited since I was 10 years of age, I found a lovely piece of RAVEN art!  What a find!  There are so many gift shops in Solvang that if it is manufactured in the world it is found here.  And since RAVEN art is manufactured somewhere in the world, it was here!  The piece is a platter in black and white with the raven with a red berry in its mouth.  If I ever get with it and learn how to post pictures on this blog.....  I got a new camera to do this chore but the darn thing shows shadows on the edges, boo.  So I have to try and return it and then maybe I can be au current and post pictures!
The other piece of art came from The Ephraim Pottery West in Cambria, CA.  Cambria is a lovely little village along the coast.  It also has gift shops but not like Solvang!  The piece of art is a vase called the "Messenger".  It is olive in color and has the RAVEN wrapped around it.  The seller told me to keep the paperwork with the vase as it will be discontinued soon and the price will go up.  I am not concerned about this but she did say it may prevent someone in the family from taking it to the Goodwill should I die any time soon!! 
Ephraim Pottery has several wonderful raven pieces but alas and alack I could only afford one.
While we were in the Pismo area the Monarch butterfly grove was opening.  This a grove of trees where the Monarch butterflies come every year to over winter.  We saw Monarchs fluttering around on their way to the preserve.  In 2011 I bought some milkweed seeds at the preserve to plant in my garden in Napa.  This is the plant that is necessary for the Monarch's survival.  I planted the seeds and every year I had a big milkweed patch but alas no butterflies.  When we arrived home after our recent trip to the Pismo area- HARK!!!.... all the leaves on the milkweed had been completely stripped.  The Monarchs had found the milkweed!!  It made me so happy to see this and to know I had contributed a tiny bit to the survival of the Monarchs.