Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chuck sees a Raven

Chuck was laying in the back yard in the sun the other day when a raven flew right over him.  The raven had something in it's beak.  Oh so exciting!  I keep hoping a raven will see the chicken egg in the platform feeder.  So far no takers.  Every morning I put some peanuts in the shell into the platform feeder with the egg. The blue jays appear like magic!  This morning it is cold and rainy.  I looked out and there were two disgruntled looking blue jays sitting on the fence near the feeder.  They looked mighty unhappy.  I went out and put the peanuts in the tray and they were on those nuts in a New York minute!  I have to believe it improved their mood.
Yesterday I went up to Mt. Veeder to feed the ravens.  It was cold, foggy, and raining.  I noticed the power was out and there were many PG&E trucks around.  Just another fall/winter day on Mt. Veeder!  As I approached the raven territory, the fog drifted to ground level.  Oh darn- the ravens dislike fog and rain and tend to be quiet and not fly about in this weather.  I parked and got out of the car.  I could hear no raven sounds at all and could see little in the fog.  I called RAVEN several times, but no response.  So I left the food in a spot near their redwood tree and headed for home and the warmth of my remote controlled gas fireplace!  It is not as lovely as a wood fire but it sure is a whole lot easier to start and no logs to handle.  I do marvel at the beauty of Mt. Veeder everytime I go up there- only 9 miles from town but a place apart.  When I am sad about moving- I know I can always go up there and be with the ravens and redwood trees in 20 minutes or less.