Saturday, March 22, 2014

Visit with Bold and Shy

It was a beautiful day so we decided to take a ride up Mt. Veeder way to pick up some rocks and take some food to the raven pair.  Our former neighbors are now feeding the ravens the food that I bring up for them.  They are enjoying their visits and learning about their behavior.  I buy 
big bags of peanuts for them at Costco and always take some chicken eggs.  When we got to their home I could hear the ravens off in the distance.  So I stood on their deck and yelled RAVENS really loud.  A few minutes later, here they came.  I put peanuts along the edge of the wooden deck.  They wanted the peanuts but would not come down with the four of us sitting on the deck.  They flew over our heads back and forth, what a lovely sight to see.  I just love to hear their calls. It was a lovely day and a lovely visit and I collected some rocks for my rose garden as well . All is well on Mt Veeder but we wish we would get more rain to sustain the wells and springs that people depend on for water.
Would a rain dance help?  I look out each morning at the sky for signs of rain.  The other night I dreamed it was raining so I got up to look, no rain, so sad.  There is still hope as some rain may still. come before summer arrives.  Oh that it might rain, I love the sound on the roof.