Friday, November 11, 2011

The Stealth Ravens are at it again

I went out this morning to put peanuts in the platform feeder and the two raw chicken eggs were missing.  The stealth ravens got them!  It is very hard to see this pair as there is no convenient branch for them to sit on just outside my window like there was on Mt. Veeder.  I guess I will have to put up something like an arbor for them to perch on so that we can make each others acquaintance.  I have not heard any raven sounds around here since I got back from London.  Due to this dearth of lovely raven sounds, I had to go up to Mt. Veeder to hear their calls.  This week while up there to help a friend with his wood supply, we heard the scream of the piliated woodpecker.  That bad boy can certainly make very weird and LOUD noise.  Our help with the wood these days consists of pushing the wench button while our friend does all the chain saw work off the side of the road and then attaches the logs to the chain and wench. We can't fool around with wood like we used to, sorry to say, but we are very good with the button!!
On a lighter and more fun note- Halloween required a very raven outfit.  I got the most fabulous raven witch hat from a catalog.  It was very fancy, with black roses, black tule vail, black ribbons, swaths of black netting down the back, black feathers and a black raven sitting on the brim.  What raven maven could resist such a creation.  I added a pink rose to the hat brim as my garment to go over my black dress was a fun print of pink and black witches, sorcerers and black birds on a white background.  It was totally fun to wear that outfit!  It was a totally Raven Halloween for me!