Friday, September 13, 2013


What fun it is to be back up on Mt. Veeder.  The weather has been great and the views from the TOP of the World have been spectacular!  We usually go up to the mountain in mid morning.  We take our lunch then settle down on the deck to enjoy the view.  Chuck likes to read and I like to paint watercolor post cards to send to my grandaughter.  She really appreciates them- she is 14 months old and wants to eat them.
I begin my sojourn on the deck by yelling RAVEN- don't the neighbors love this!  They know a wacky woman is up there.  However, not to worry, Lokoya Lodge is full of interesting people.  If I can hear raven sounds, I know Bold and Shy are nearby.  If I can't hear them, I call anyway, and lo and behold they show up.  The sit in a tree branch over our heads and observe us.  There are those HUMANS that have the eggs.  How can we get an egg out of them?  So I very obediently put two chicken eggs out.  I place one on the deck railing with some peanuts in the shell and the other egg on a tree stump located behind where we sit.  We cannot see the stump without turning around.  So now the fun begins.  Bold raven flies over to a tree near the stump.  Bold then carefully walks down the tree trunk to get closer to the egg, then carefully hops over, gets on the stump, picks up the egg and flies off with it in his beak.  I am sneaking peeks during this performance.  It is quite fun to watch as Bold as he carefully surveys the surroundings as he approaches the egg.  I really enjoy watching our Bold raven conquer all.  The last time we visited Bold took the egg and parked it in a tree branch and then he shared it with his mate.  They both enjoyed the repast and then sat there intermittently holding each others bill and cleaning each others feathers.  Ah true love- raven style!