Friday, October 9, 2015

The Crows of Shell Beach

We are vacationing in a two story house in Shell Beach which is a little community  near Pismo Beach, CA.  The house is located three doors from the Pacific Ocean and has a lovely view of the ocean, the pelicans, sea otters, seals, dolfins, whales, oyster catchers and a peregrine falcon in a yucca tree!  But corbies are not left out!  Every time we visit two crows show up and sit on the second story rail of the deck.  As soon as we arrived, they arrived.  Now this is most peculiar.  We have stayed here over the years and I always feed the crows peanuts.  But do they remember me?  Of course they DO!  Corbies are very smart and know a good thing when they see it.  I had brought along a bag of unsalted peanuts in the shell.  I went out of the balcony and distributed them on the railing.  
The crows did the usual corbie thing, approach that nut, jump back, examine it, did it move?  Get up courage and grab one, then try and stuff another one is their bill.  Since crows are not as big as ravens they cannot stuff as many in their bill as the ravens can.
We brought along our black and white cat Jack.  Now Jack is an indoor/outdoor cat at home.  But he has to stay inside here. It is his own fault!  I bought him a collar with a name tag with our cell phone number and the address.  He got that thing off in a New York minute.  Now he has to stay inside and does not like it much.  His entertainment is watching the crows walking along the deck railing and doing their crow antics.  He likes that fine.
So crows, car and people are doing fine in Shell Beach.  The weather is beautiful, too beautiful.  It is October the rains should come.  Every day is beautiful and we are enjoying the sunshine and sparkling sea.  However I could go for a rainstorm to moisten the earth.  Meanwhile we will enjoy the sun, sea and crows!